Mixed 12 Pack

Choose well. Your choice is brief, and yet endlessJohann Wolfgang von Goethe

Always changing – keeps us all on our toes then…

A selection of 12 Chapter beers covering a wide range of styles.

Currently includes:

1x As Lazarus, 7.2% IPA
1x Dead Man’s Fist, 5.5% Smoked Porter
1x I Said Doctor, 6.0% Coconut Lime Milk Stout
1x Knew The Storm, 4.5% Kölsch-Style Lager
1x Roadside Picnic, 3.8% Celery Sour
1x Taller Than A House, 3.9% Pale Ale
1x Unconsenting Soul, 4.2% Session IPA
1x Servant Of Sadness, 3,2% Table Pale
1x Puck At The Helm, 4.5% Golden Ale
1x Practicable and Useful, 4.3% Kveik Pale
1x Impossible To Read Beer List, 5.5% Fruited Sour
1x Out Of Pique, 5.5% Kveik Pale

When one of these beers becomes unavailable the selected 12 will change and updates will be made to the lists


  • Mixed Case
  • Varies


  • See individual cans for allergen information
  • 12 x 440ml